Welcome to J.B. DiagnoSpecials Ltd

J.B. DiagnoSpecials Limited's Central Offices are located in Nicosia , Cyprus and has offices in Athens , Greece. With its well trained staff focused in serving the customer and the technological advantages that are obtained from this multinational environment can guarantee the stability in cooperation.

The company specializes in providing diagnostic services and high technology diagnostic equipment for any kind of commercial vehicles (trucks and trailers) since 2005. With these expertise as an asset we move forward and broaden our product and services list.


Since the beginning of 2010, with a series of international partnerships, our company got involved in the passenger car diagnostics section, with original diagnostics covering a wide range of vehicle manufacturers. The most famous and world renowned manufacturers are now on our list.


In a few words, J.B. DiagnoSpecials Limited can now provide diagnostic solutions for all passenger cars and diagnostics for trucks and commercial vehicles and help all kind of workshops, no matter how small or big they are to achieve better working conditions, more reputation in the market and save working hours with the use of modern technologies.


All the products we provide are manufactured in the European Union, they have one year guarantee and they have full technical support by our well trained team and partners.